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On parle de biotechnologies dès lors que l’on utilise des micro-organismes pour intervenir dans le processus de transformation de la matière. Notre métier : les biotechnologies appliquées à l’environnement. Depuis 1988, HTS BIO conçoit et fabrique en France des produits et solutions écologiques à la pointe de l’innovation pour le nettoyage et l’entretien, la bioremédiation (dépollution biologique), l’agriculture, l’aquaculture, le traitement des eaux et les plans d’eau.
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Waste bin sweet waste bin

Although it never gets the credit, it is the humble waste bin that helps keep us healthy, and safe, from a multitude of unpleasant wastes. Safe, but not odor-free, which is why HTS BIO offers the first eco-friendly product designed specifically to eliminate waste bin odors

In public restrooms, waste bins and sanitary containers can produce disturbing, noxious odors. While solutions currently exist to solve this problem, more often than not, they are chemical-based, contain chlorine and have labels that warn (with good reason): “protect your eyes!”

To solve this waste odor problem in an eco- and people-friendly way, HTS BIO has developed ABSORB ORIGINAL®, an innovative odor-killer and absorbent that not only is super effective, but is also safe for people and the planet. ABSORB ORIGINAL® is a powerful absorbing powder that instantaneously acts on all types of liquids and immediately suppresses all unpleasant odors. Super-efficient, ABSORB ORIGINAL® can absorb up to 120% of its weight.


Waste bins, sanitary containers…!

ABSORB ORIGINAL® can be used on the bottom of waste bins and sanitary containers, as well as on the bottoms of trash compactors and dumpsters. It can also be used directly on dispersed liquids, including non-water soluble liquids such as oils or hydrocarbons.

And, HTS BIO offers a variety of convenient dispensing options: 50g dose; bottle with sprinkler cap or 5L bucket with measuring cup.

Want more?

Like all ECOWAY® products, ABSORB ORIGINAL® is exempt from risk labelling. It is powered by micro-organisms that block unpleasant odors and accelerate natural waste biodegradation. A perfect example of the “magic of bacteria,” these micro-organisms work hard for our well-being, all while preserving our environment.

Want even more?

ABSORB ORIGINAL® is very easy-to-use: simply open the single-serving packet and pour the contents on the bottom of the trash bin. Result: liquids are absorbed and odors are neutralized for 30 days.

Still want more?

ABSORB ORIGINAL® diffuses a pleasant, clean, fresh and long-lasting scent.

HTS BIO gives you more!

To celebrate the launch of ABSORB ORIGINAL®, HTS BIO is offering a 10% discount for any ABSORB ORIGINAL® order placed before March 15, 2015 with the promotional code ABSORB10. Contact: +33 (0) or


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