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On parle de biotechnologies dès lors que l’on utilise des micro-organismes pour intervenir dans le processus de transformation de la matière. Notre métier : les biotechnologies appliquées à l’environnement. Depuis 1988, HTS BIO conçoit et fabrique en France des produits et solutions écologiques à la pointe de l’innovation pour le nettoyage et l’entretien, la bioremédiation (dépollution biologique), l’agriculture, l’aquaculture, le traitement des eaux et les plans d’eau.
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Tour de France for the climate

The ocean’s role in the stability of our climate is essential: therefore, it is essential we act to save it. The association Innovations Bleues and its president, the navigator Catherine Chabaud, set sail for a Tour de France dedicated to this cause…

Raise awareness, rally, and innovate

In November 2015, France will preside over the 21st United Nations conference for a universal agreement on the climate: the COP21.

The oceans’ role in the stability of the climate is critical and indisputable. Yet there is nothing in the COP21 agenda that focuses on the ocean which, given that this is a conference on the atmosphere, makes no sense. This is all the more alarming given elevating sea levels and increasing acidification. Spurred to action to save our oceans, the association Innovations Bleues and its president, navigator Catherine Chabaud, have organized the “Tour de France for the atmosphere”.

Goals of this big blue loop:

  • Raise awareness and mobilize coastal territories and citizens
  • Develop innovative ideas, both small and large, for the future health of our atmosphere, and create a “chain of solutions.”



 Ocean and atmosphere

Discussions about the climate usually include forests and trees, but rarely the oceans. Yet, the ocean’s role in the thermal regulation of our planet, and in limiting high temperatures, is essential.

Oceans are the planet’s largest “carbon sinks”: they receive 25% of the carbon dioxide produced by man. It is imperative that we pamper them…

And yet…. the acidity level in our oceans increased roughly 30% in the last century, resulting in the extinction of numerous species. And it’s not hard to imagine the dramatic long-term consequences of rising sea levels. Especially knowing that in 2050, the coastline will be home to 80% of the world’s population!



Observe, learn, understand

Understanding our oceans represents the single greatest hope humankind has to prevent the continued infliction of wounds on them. And, to understand, we need to observe and learn. After all, observation is the best educator. Our hope is that by observing the oceans, humankind will be inspired to create biocompatible (eco-friendly) solutions.

For example, most people imagine the bottom of the ocean as a vast, black desert, deathly silent and totally dark. The reality is that if you could be transported there, you would discover that life deep on the ocean’s floor is incredibly abundant!

To date, 98% of the seabed remains unexplored. But, already, many new species have been discovered – and new ecosystems where strangely-shaped and colored sea creatures interact with bacteria in order to survive…

Observing, learning, understanding: it is what HTS BIO does every day to develop biocompatible solutions, with their owns foundational processes ( that use planet-friendly micro-organisms to eliminate waste.


(Re)act: “E pur si muove!” (And yet it moves!)

So, why do Humans, conscious of the climatic ‘Sword of Damocles’ hanging over their heads, do nothing?

Because all revolutions go through three phases of maturity:

– Phase 1: ridicule. Revolutions are often proposed by visionaries. At best, they are considered dreamers. At worst, lunatics.

– Phase 2: danger! Resistance to change instinctively pushes us to reject revolution.

– Phase 3: evidence: who today would contradict Galileo who was condemned to death for insisting that the Earth turned around the sun and not the reverse?

Citizens, territories, associations, scientists, entrepreneurs: we are all potential organizers who can contribute to the “chain of solutions.”


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