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On parle de biotechnologies dès lors que l’on utilise des micro-organismes pour intervenir dans le processus de transformation de la matière. Notre métier : les biotechnologies appliquées à l’environnement. Depuis 1988, HTS BIO conçoit et fabrique en France des produits et solutions écologiques à la pointe de l’innovation pour le nettoyage et l’entretien, la bioremédiation (dépollution biologique), l’agriculture, l’aquaculture, le traitement des eaux et les plans d’eau.
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In France, we love young leaders! Alexis Bamy, 32 years old, is the new executive director of HTS BIO in charge of the company growth project.

Charting the course

 A company’s identity is defined by its mission statement and vision. It’s what defines which course to take and serves as guidance in determining a company strategy plan.

Our vision, our deep aspiration:

« To contribute to a « more ecologically correct » world by developing products and solutions from biotechnology »

Our mission statement, our reason of being, our fundamental goals:

« To become a key player and household name in applied biotechnologies for the environment and to provide the best products and services through continuous innovation. »

Pursuing these kinds of goals involves a strong, committed, and determined leadership team.


The road map

For Alexis Bamy, married and father of two sons, the major challenge is: to steer the operational deployment strategy plan for HTS BIO.

On the ground, this means supervising and supporting management (R&D, production, logistics, sales, etc.) by setting up resources and monitoring the level of achievement of the quantified goals set out in the roadmap, and determined in the strategic plan.

Equipped to make his mission a success, Alexis’ key strengths are his entrepreneurial spirit and optimism, ability to constantly question himself, and forward-looking vision.


The journey

  • 2009: After graduating with a double Masters in International Business – from INSEEC – and Strategy & Company Finance – from British-Colombia, Vancouver, Canada-, Alexis began his career in the event management field. His first mission as a consultant and project manager gave him a specialized expertise in mergers, acquisitions, and growth strategy.
  • 2010 to 2014: Back in France, Alexis spent 5 years in various managerial positions in 2 leading French banking groups.First, he worked as a company accounts manager and then as the director of a business center.
  • 2015 to early 2017: Alexis worked as an expert auditor then project manager within the Directorate of internal audits in a subsidiary of Group BPCE.


Why HTS BIO Laboratories?

After starting off his career in big companies, Alexis has new aspirations: to get out of the namelessness that comes with working in large corporations- and at the same time, his comfort zone- and to be of service to a manageably sized family-run SME, in order to meet an unprecedented challenge and participate in a project that is both promising and exciting.


 We wish him a warm welcome as the head of the HTS BIO team!



A Spanish mother, a French father whose parents hailed from the French West Indies, and family somewhere between the French mainland, Spain, the French West Indies, the United States and Canada: This unique multi-cultural background in which Alexis Bamy grew up made him a man open and welcome to difference.

  • His values: exigency, ambition, taste for challenge.
  • His personal fuel: his family. Every day, this young father wakes up with determination to work hard for his loved ones. For their well-being, so that they are proud and that his path inspires them.
  • His breath of fresh air, he takes breaks as soon as his schedule allows for it: going surfing and snowboarding not only to get the sensation of freedom and rush that come from these high-adrenaline sports, but also for the physical challenge and the need to better oneself that these sports require. Longtime practitioner, his favorite sport is played with an oval ball: « Rugby has instilled values of solidarity, self-improvement, and team spirit in me: in the game of Rugby, we either win or we lose, but it is always together. »
  • Words to live by

 « A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. » Winston Churchill

« Those who succeed are those who make a habit out doing of what those who fail do not like. » Jean Louis Noisiez

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