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On parle de biotechnologies dès lors que l’on utilise des micro-organismes pour intervenir dans le processus de transformation de la matière. Notre métier : les biotechnologies appliquées à l’environnement. Depuis 1988, HTS BIO conçoit et fabrique en France des produits et solutions écologiques à la pointe de l’innovation pour le nettoyage et l’entretien, la bioremédiation (dépollution biologique), l’agriculture, l’aquaculture, le traitement des eaux et les plans d’eau.
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The El Gouna tourist resort in Egypt is proud of its eco-friendly credentials. So are we. Now, thanks to our local distributor, we have embarked on a successful collaboration where everyone wins – including the environment.



El Gouna: a hotspot for high quality ecotourism

The village of El Gouna on the Red Sea in Egypt emerged in 1996 with the construction of its first building, a 200-room hotel. Today, it’s a popular eco-tourist resort, and city of 10,000 inhabitants,

Internationally-renowned for underwater diving, El Gouna (“the lagoon” in Arabic) is designed to have the absolute minimum impact on the environment: for example, the resort’s water is produced by desalinization and its sewage treatment and waste disposal are all eco-friendly.

In addition, in 2014, the city signed an agreement committed the city to becoming carbon neutral.

Since the 90s, El Gouna’s visionary philosophy and eco-friendly initiatives have attracted an enlightened clientele who practice clean tourism to “the little Venice of the Red Sea.”  And since we are talking about cleanliness…




Clean tourism: Figuratively and ….literally!

Sustainability and eco-friendly development are priorities for El Gouna and, as a result, in 2014, it became the first city in Africa and the Arab world to receive the Global Green City Award. Supported by the United Nations Environmental Program, the award recognizes “cities implementing substantial measures in favor of the environment”.

And that’s not all: El Gouna has 16 eco-certified hotels! Furthermore, the “Arab Spring” has meant a huge increase in tourism. With the influx of new visitors, the need for effective people- and planet-friendly maintenance and cleaning products has grown dramatically. This makes it a true “eco-spot” for ECOWAY®, and Spring 2015 is the perfect time for our local distributor, DYNACHEM EGYPT, to launch the ECOWAY® line in El Gouna..


 The recipe for success

 The ECOWAY® line fits perfectly in a global ecological project such as El Gouna where we’ve already seen significant demand for bathroom biotreatments.

So, what is the recipe that will make ECOWAY a success in El Gouna?

  • Ultra efficient products: our biosurfactants are up to 500 times more powerful than surfactants made from petrochemicals or plants?
  • No hazard labeling
  • A very energetic distributor

And what else?


Like a fish in water

It’s also important to recognize “our bacteria friends:” they are key to ECOWAY’s success! Thanks to these friendly micro-organisms, ECOWAY® products are able to sustainably degrade waste, as well as ensure ongoing, effective and eco-friendly sewage treatment.

Given the numerous biological sewage treatment systems on site, the future of our waste water biotreatment products in El Gouna is very promising they are like fish in….waste water!


ECOWAY® sanitary line: click here

ECOWAY® waste water line: click here

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