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On parle de biotechnologies dès lors que l’on utilise des micro-organismes pour intervenir dans le processus de transformation de la matière. Notre métier : les biotechnologies appliquées à l’environnement. Depuis 1988, HTS BIO conçoit et fabrique en France des produits et solutions écologiques à la pointe de l’innovation pour le nettoyage et l’entretien, la bioremédiation (dépollution biologique), l’agriculture, l’aquaculture, le traitement des eaux et les plans d’eau.
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For maintenance of outside areas, using eco-friendly products just makes natural sense…

 Out with it: everyone outside!

Gardens and green spaces brings us closer to nature. The ECOWAY® Outdoors line offers 6 new products dedicated to people- and planet-friendly outdoors cleaning and maintenance.



Ready-to-use degreasing cleaner

Highly effective on all types of surfaces and tools, even the dirtiest. Its plant-based formula means it is safe to use on multiple surfaces, including steel, aluminum, glass, plastic, etc.

  • Effectively cleans and degreases
  • Eliminates dirt and stains
  • Reduced VOC emission

Uses: barbecues, tools, lawn mowers, etc.





Refurbishing wood brightener

Restores – like magic – wood that has become darker, or lighter, from age and/or weather: temperature variations, rain, wind, sun, etc.

  • Effectively brightens
  • Refurbishes wood
  • Eliminates all marks
  • Restores wood to its original color
  • Suitable for all types of wood

Uses: garden furniture, frames, doorways, terraces, cladding, etc.





Nourishing wood cream

Maintains and protects wood from age and weather: temperature variations, rain, wind, sun, etc.

  • Nourishes
  • Protects
  • Water-resistant
  • Reduced VOC emissions
  • Suitable for all types of wood

Uses: garden furniture, frames, doorways, terraces, cladding, etc.





Compost accelerator

Specially-selected micro-organisms work in synergy to accelerate composting of plant-based and organic waste.

  • Accelerates natural biodegradation of plant-based matter
  • Inhibits pathogenic germs
  • Maintains lawns
  • Speeds up composting, saving money and time

Uses: compost bins, compost centers, gardens, greens, sport fields.





Biotreatment for ponds and fountains

Purifies water and maintains biological balance. Safe for fish and other aquatic life.

  • Maintains water quality
  • Eliminates organic sludge
  • Clears water
  • Corrects and stabilizes PH
  • Eliminates need for mechanical cleaning

Uses: fountains, ponds, golf courses (water obstacles), small bodies of water, etc.





Cleaner for woven resin, plastic and textilene garden furniture

À RW : A unique compound of bacteriostatic essential oils synergized with ultra-powerful biosurfactants makes Patioway highly efficient. Safely and effectively cleans multiple surfaces and fabrics.

  • Effectively cleans
  • Water resistant
  • Ideal for woven resin
  • Streak free
  • Antistatic


The ECOWAY® OUTDOORS LINE will be available in January 2016.

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